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Airly Primary School


The gardens at Airly are part of the emotional and academic tapestry. The Mud Kitchen scaffolds spontaneous chats. It’s not commercial. It’s a few old tables and pots in an area where the grass doesn’t grow and a nearby tank provides water.

The Kitchen Garden provides hands on experiences in science, sharing knowledge about healthy eating and the link to wellbeing, a safe place for a chat and the produce for our Kitchen Garden Lunches, KGLs. It also links to our Environment value as we support food that comes without packaging: the smaller the footprint the better.

The Meeting Place is just that. Filled with Indigenous plants, students love to chip into the grasses with secateurs and use the flowers or grasses to create modern takes on daisy chains.

We are planning to revamp our Memorial Garden before our hundredth year. This garden has three flags we face during Monday assemblies and a time capsule.

Then there’s our oval, entrance and so much more.