Airly Primary School caters for the individual student, through the joint involvement of the family, school and community. Strong relationships are developed to improve student self-esteem, encouraging students to extend themselves and become risk-takers in their learning.

Airly Primary School offers a broad curriculum based on the Victorian Curriculum.

  • 2 hour daily Literacy block. A Systematic Synthetic Phonics approach is used to introduce sounds and letter names to students.  This begins in the junior years and continues into the upper classes as students learn grammar rules.  The Jolly Phonics program is utilised.  The VCOP Writing Program is also implemented (Vocabulary, Connectives, Openers and Punctuation).
  • 1 hour daily Numeracy block - junior students also use online "Mathseeds" program
  • Integrated Units - STEM
  • Digital Technology
  • Physical Education & Sport
  • Arts / Music
  • Resilience, Rights & Respectful Relactionships program - social and emotional learning

Click here to go to the Australian Victorian Essential Learning Standards website for more information.

Programs are monitored to cater for the diversity of student needs. Achievable goals are set for students. Individual Learning Plans are developed for all students and Student Support Services are available (providing Speech Therapy, Psychologists & Visiting Teacher for the Hearing Impaired).

The Wellington Network has a focus on School Wide Positive Behaviour Support. Airly Primary School has a Student Behaviour Matrix outlining the behaviours expected in all school settings. A Parent Matrix was developed in 2016 and a Staff Matrix in 2019.

Professional Learning Community
Our teachers participate in a weekly Professional Learning Community with other Sale Rural Cluster teachers. The focus is Numeracy. An inquiry cycle is followed to collect data (student assessment), analyse this and plan future teaching and learning goals. Post-teaching enables staff to gauge the success of their teaching and do further planning. The PLC builds teacher capacity, not only at Airly PS, but across the Sale Rural Cluster, allowing our staff to work with colleagues and minimise the isolation of teaching in a small school. There is shared ownership of all students across the Cluster.

Another Wellington Network focus is Challenging Learning. High powered learning environments involve children who are equipped with skills and attitudes to be self-directed learners, have witnessed clear growth in their own learning resulting in high levels of self-belief and learner confidence, and are supported by targeted challenge and meaningful feedback to make significant learning growth. Airly Primary School has started along this journey where students’ learning is enhanced as they are supported to develop intentional strategies that promote learning.